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ComicsML - XML for digital comics

ComicsML is an XML-based markup language for digital comics. It attempts to give online comics a way to describe their own content, and in so doing expand their visibility, flexibility, and accessibility in a number of ways.

Project status and license

I have no plans on updating this documentation -- most of which dates from 2001 -- or working any further with ComicsML.

Creative Commons License

If any of the materials colletced here inspire you, I encourage you to run with it. Apply, expand, or otherwise modify the ComicsML idea any way you see fit, per the terms of the Create Commons Attribution 2.0 Unported License.

Please don't ask me for pemission -- you're just delaying yourself. It's already yours. Go for it.




Things elsewhere on the Web that collide comics with XML in other ways...

Suggestions for more links are welcome.